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Our Communities

Molendinar Park Housing Association owns houses in four areas – Bellgrove, Drakemire, Bridgeton and Dalmarnock.

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We have a large number of documents available to download on our website. From Financial records and Policies to Newsletters and Press Releases. 

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Our History section has a wealth of historical photography, dating back to the 1980s, which charts the development in our communities.

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Assurance Statement 2019

Assurance Statement 2019

The Scottish Housing Regulator confirmed that all RSLs must provide an Assurance Statement from Committee confirming that the Association is compliant with the seven standards of the Regulatory Framework between April and October each year ...

About Molendinar Park Housing Association

The Association was formed by Committee Members of Reidvale Housing Association in 1993 to reconnect Reidvale with the City Centre by promoting the development of the derelict land East of the High Street. We hope our site will not only be useful to residents and potential residents but also to everyone with an interest in Glasgow, affordable housing and architecture.

Mission Statement

Molendinar Park Housing Association aims to sustain and create socially balanced communities by:

  • Investing effectively in our properties and communities
  • Delivering high quality, responsive management and maintenance services
  • Engaging constructively with tenants and residents
  • Pursuing development opportunities where we can contribute to the creation of desirable and sustainable communities

We welcome any feedback or comments you may have on the way in which we deliver our services or on any aspect of the website. You can use our Contact page to get in touch with us.