Rapid Repairs

If the repair is requested by 12.00 noon a tradesman will attend to the repair by 5.00pm that day unless a different arrangement is requested. If it is reported after 12.00 noon it will be carried out by the end of the next working day.

All Rapid Repairs are to be completed within 2 working days of when the repair was notified. (The first date is the day the repair was reported by the service user and the end date should be the date it is signed off as completed unless it is reported by 12 noon.) Pre-inspection visits are to be included in the time taken and time taken due to receipt of faulty parts or delays due to inclement weather must also be included.

Faults and incidents that require prompt attention, but which do not arise as a result of emergency circumstances shall be categorised as a Rapid Repair. 
Contractors will be instructed to complete the required repair work within 2 full working days (Commencing the day the repair was reported).

Routine Repairs

To be completed within 8 working days of when the repair was reported.
All other items of non-urgent work shall be categorised as Routine. Contractors shall be instructed to complete the required repair within 8 working days (commencing the day the repair was reported).

The Association reserves the right to amend the completion category and timescale for individual repair works to take account of unforeseen or other specific circumstances. These include, for example, a requirement to order parts and materials, very specialist works and additional works being identified when repairs are being carried out.

Any amendment to the completion timescale will be clearly recorded in order to create an appropriate audit trail.

Emergency Repair

After 5.00pm, at weekends or on Public Holidays Emergency Repairs should be reported by telephoning 0345 600 8693.

Right to Repair

Some repairs fall under the category of the Right to Repair Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. These repairs can be from windows and external doors which are not secure, WC pans that are not flushing (and you only have one toilet in the property) blocked drains, sinks or baths etc.

Providing the tenant gives access for these repairs these repairs should be made safe or completed within timescales from when first reported. If the repair is not made safe or completed within these timescales the tenant can use another contractor from the Association's approved list of contractors and you will also be entitled to compensation of £15.00 and up to a maximum compensation amount of £100.00.

When you report a repair the person who is dealing with you will inform you if the repair in question is a qualifying Right to Repair.

If you would like further information on the Right to Repair Scheme please contact a member of our Housing Services team at the office or see The Scottish Government website.

You can view and download out Right to Repairs policy in the Policies section of Downloads.