Our management committee plays a crucial role in overseeing the management and strategic direction of the Association. The committee consists of elected volunteers who are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Association.

Their duties include strategic planning, budgeting, setting policies, ensuring tenants and residents safety, understanding the needs and aspirations of the community, managing risk and ensuring that the association complies with all regulatory requirements.

Through their dedication and commitment, our housing association committee helps create a sense of community and ensures that the needs of residents are met effectively. 

As of September 2023 Annual General Meeting Our Management Committee are:  

Office Bearers

  • Frank Sheeran, Chairperson
  • Caroline McKinlay, Vice Chairperson
  • Julie Smillie (Director of MPHA) Secretary 

Committee Members

  • Craig Boyle
  • Andrew Scott
  • Margaret O'Donnell 
  • Nicholas Thumath 
  • Craig Peacock 
  • Angela Wood 
  • Catherine Meighan 
  • Alice Gillespie
  • Mark Johnston 
  • Brian Johnston