We are carrying out a review of our Allocation Policy, the following is a summary of the changes we are proposing: -

  • We are changing the name of our list from waiting list to housing list to remove the negative preconception of having to wait on a home.
  • We will review our housing list on a monthly rolling basis on the anniversary of the application, rather than reviewing everyone at the one-time once a year. This is to ensure that all applicants are as up to date as possible with any changes in their circumstances and housing need. This will also ease the work burden on staff.
  • Suspensions will be reviewed by the Senior Housing Office rather than the Director. This will enable the Director to fairly review the process in the occasion of an appeal against suspension.
  • We will no longer request a detailed Occupational Therapists assessment in the case of requesting wheelchair or adapted housing. We will accept an assessment from a  Medical Professional e.g., a GP.
  • We previously stated that we would endeavour to make an offer of two void properties at the one time to applicants. This is not feasible and only related to a new build development. This has been removed and one offer will be made for each void property.
  • We will no longer request refusals in writing as this not always appropriate or feasible. Verbal refusals will be acceptable, and this will cut down on the time to make an alternative offer to another applicant.
  • We have added new sections in the policy to cover: - GDPR, Freedom of information and links to other policies.
  • We have carried out a detailed Equality and Diversity Impact Assessment to comply with legal and regulatory guidance.

If you have any questions related to the above and want to discuss this in further detail, please do not hesitate in contacting our Senior Housing Officer John Mallon at john@molendinar.org.uk