Molendinar Park Housing Association: 2024-25 Compliant Status with Scottish Housing Regulator

Tenants, residents and stakeholders will be glad to hear that the Scottish Housing Regulator has published the engagement plans for every Registered Social Landlord in Scotland and Molendinar Park Housing Association (MPHA) has been awarded compliant.  This means that we have met all necessary standards of governance and financial management. 

The Scottish Housing Regulator publish their regulatory engagement plans annually to inform tenants whether or not their Landlord has met the necessary requirement they must fulfil by law by awarding them either compliant, working towards compliant or non-compliant. 

The Scottish Housing Regulator plays a vital role in ensuring high standards of governance, financial management, and service delivery are achieved among social landlords in Scotland. Their work in assessing our performance every year against other landlord’s performance makes sure our tenants can be assured that we provide quality housing services and we operate in a transparent and accountable manner.

Our compliant Status can be viewed here on the Scottish Housing Regulator Website.

A handy comparison tool can be found here, where you can compare different landlord’s performance for the year past.