We are reviewing our Equality and Diversity Policy and would welcome your views and comments on the proposed changes.

We plan to submit a revised draft Policy to our September Committee meeting, for approval and would welcome your views, comments – and any questions – by 12th September 2021.

Please get in touch, by e mail or by telephone if you would like a copy of the revised draft Policy.

Many thanks.

The main proposed changes are:

  • to require our contractors – and indeed anyone carrying out work on our behalf to sign up to this Policy which will apply to all staff and Committee members too
  • to carry out Equality Impact Assessments on our key policies so that we can be clearer about their likely effects
  • to set out more clearly the main forms of discrimination, emphasising that we will not tolerate any sort of unfair treatment or discrimination on any grounds
  • to make it clearer when we will collect equalities information - as part of our applications for housing, for recruitment and employment ,Committee Membership, at tenancy sign ups as well as our customer satisfaction surveys
  • and to link the collecting of this information more clearly to our practice
  • a clearer focus on regular staff and Committee training
  • an annual Equality and Diversity Action Plan which will be approved and reviewed annually by the Committee of Management

We anticipate the finalisation of the draft SFHA Guidance on Collecting Equality Information {December 2020} and will take stock of any implications arising from the final document, in terms of our Policy and practice.