Our communities

The Association owns houses in four areas – Bellgrove, Drakemire, Bridgeton and Dalmarnock.

Bellgrove lies between Sword Street and Melbourne Street on the Gallowgate and consists of housing built by the Association since 1993 on gap sites created by tenement demolition in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Dalmarnock is a mixture of four in a block cottage flats built in the 1920’s, three storey tenements built in the 1930’s and terraced housing and flats built by Scottish Homes in the 1980’s. The Association purchased these houses from Scottish Homes in 2000.

Drakemire is a small sheltered housing complex in Drakemire Avenue in Castlemilk, built by Scottish Homes in 1989, which the Association purchased from them in 1999.

Finnart is a small group of houses and flats in Finnart Square and Finnart Street in Bridgeton. Like Drakemire, this was built by Scottish Homes in 1989 and purchased by Molendinar Park in 1999.

Each area, except Drakemire, has a Local Management Committee which oversees the service provided by the Association in that area and reports to the Management Committee any matters requiring attention.

Images of each of these areas can be found by searching in Our History.